Much like his father, Peter is incredibly intelligent and loves to “tinker” with things. He figures out how to wrangle systems and manipulate them for a higher cause; Olivia first finds him “ripping off” casinos by playing the numbers and swindling people. Peter can work alongside Walter and fix just about anything that breaks; he remains detached when it comes to scientific pursuits. He is far more skeptical than his father when it comes to “crazy new ideas,” much more grounded in reality, and far more inclined to take bodily risks. Peter sometimes thinks the best method to test something is to inject himself with it! He is hands on, and does his best work when left alone to tinker with and stare at a machine or idea. Peter is quick to react to danger and tends to take things at face value; Olivia is upset with him that he did not “see the difference” between herself and her double, despite having a sexual affair with the “other” Olivia. (Peter admits he just didn’t listen to his instincts.) Peter sometimes leaps to conclusions – some of them are good, others are wrong. He tends to have a singular, negative view of his father that it takes YEARS to unpack and change. Peter sometimes reads into what his dad is saying and tells him “No, no way.” He listens to Olivia but is somewhat perplexed by her hunches. He has two sides to him: the negative, argumentative side which continually pokes at, prods, and refuses to emotionally bond with his father due to past hurts, and the warm, good-natured, funny man who can articulate his feelings well. Peter can erupt with anger or pain under stress. It takes him a long time to figure out his true feelings for Walter, confess them, and work past them.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/sx

Peter may be a con man who takes risks, but he also looks at absolutely everything with skepticism and weighs it all against “is this safe?” He tells off his father and Olivia about a thousand times over taking unnecessary risks; he tells Olivia to listen to what his father is saying, and be more careful, ask more questions, find out more information rather than having “blind trust” in Walter. Peter isn’t above using physical force, threats, or dominating suspects or bad guys alike – he has no “moral hang-ups.” He’s the most logical, careful one in the group, but also has a sense of “what the hell” 7-ish risk taking / an adventurous streak that is open to new experiences.