Ren wastes no time settling into town, figuring out how to fix his VW bug, and in asserting himself, but only on thinker levels – he needs a job so he can make money and have a good time. He thinks the “rules” around town are stupid and irrational and limiting. He is incredulous that Ariel plays chicken with a train. And when he sets out to change things, he figures out how to “play the system” by coloring inside the lines – appealing to change the law through judicial court. His low Fe wants harmony even as he seeks to stand out; he doesn’t intentionally upset people, but isn’t above correcting them, either. He tends to lash out with his emotions when alone, and enjoys playing a little bit with his friends’ feelings (misleading a new guy with a story about a Russian threesome, for kicks). Ren was a gymnast at his last school. He loves to be hands on. He loves to dance. He swings from the rafters, sometimes literally. He feels dancing and having fun are an important facet of life. He’s super quick to react, and often a risk-taker – snatching Ariel from the tracks, pondering “we could get killed driving this bus, right?” and then doing it anyway. But he’s also quick to leap to accurate conclusions – he tells Ariel she can make her boyfriend jealous without him, that’s not his intention. He often answers intense situations with his fists, though he’s just as inclined to hold back and ponder a situation (Ti/Ni).

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/sx

Ren hates having limitations posed on himself and sets out to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, for as long as he wants. He avoids thinking about the sorrows of his past by distracting himself with sensual pleasures — working on his car, dancing, going out and having a good time, and trying not to get trapped into anything, like a permanent relationship. He can be rebellious, reactive, and self-absorbed, but his 6 wing also wants a certain amount of harmony with those in his life. He never pushes things too far, he’s willing to listen to others’ advice (whether or not he takes it), and he tries to find pleasant ways to breach the gap between himself and others.