Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Ariel is strong and confident in her environment, and loves to be in the thick of things – she’d just as happily ride perched in a racecar window waving a flag as she’d make out with a guy she barely knows, per her rebellion phase. She loves to take risks and challenge herself in unusual ways. And, she loves to dance – she’s good at it. Confident in herself and her body. Feels things while they are happening, and lives in the moment. Her inferior Ni shows in how little regard she gives her own reckless behavior, and how she never really looks deeper into her own motives or those of other people. This leads, unfortunately, to choosing the wrong guy before she meets Ren. She went for thrills instead of depth. She doesn’t much care how other people think of her, she just wants to be true to herself. Her rebellion isn’t calculated to get a rise out of her father so much as it feels authentic, and it’s an expression of who she is right now. Ariel wants to feel free. She wants to feel a thrill since her brother’s death. It takes her forever to open up to her father, and even then she yells at him and taunts him with her loss of virginity rather than admit how her brother’s death devastated her. She likes to make plans and follow through on them, but mostly just reacts in the moment (Se/Te loop).

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Ariel just wants to have a good time. She chafes beneath her father’s rules about no dancing in the community and rebelliously finds ways to do it anyway. She chases after all the wrong guys, hoping for an intense physical experience or a connection. She does not want to face up to the hurts in her past or talk about how she has been let down by men who have used her. She is quick to draw out Ren and encourage him to participate in life. She goes out of her way to be seductive and bigger than life. Ariel is interested in sex, in taking massive risks in the drag races, and in pushing the envelope, all products of her 8 wing.