Dorcas cares a great deal about everyone she meets, from “bending the rules” to appease her customers for kindness sake to taking in orphaned children and helping out those in need. She is deeply sensitive, easily hurt when other people accuse her of meddling, and generous with her reassurance. Dorcas often knows just the right thing to say to smooth a bad situation over, or to help someone figure out the right thing to do. Her warm, affable nature puts others at ease and enjoys their appreciation and approval. Though she doesn’t like it when others pull back from her emotionally, Dorcas is good at analyzing people and situations in order to help them. She is sensible in her approach and able to think her way around the rules (such as suggesting to Sir Timothy that they measure the distance to Lark Rise not by the road, but the short cut the villagers take, in order to have it within the eight mile limits), but she’s not always rational and tends to become critical and hot-headed under stress. She inherited the post office from her father, and often recalls things he told her. She is content to work a steady daily job with lots of paperwork and details to attend to; Dorcas often follows and trusts the “rules” but finds creative ways around them when necessary. Dorcas has kept all of her clothes from when she was Laura’s age, and enjoys passing them on to her. She loves participating in annual traditions and going on regular horseback rides with Timothy. Whenever there is a problem to be solved, Dorcas comes up with and bounces her ideas off of other people. She isn’t above having a vivid imagination and believing in things that she cannot see. Dorcas often senses what is going on underneath the surface in other people and encourages them to confide in her. She can be a bit of a matchmaker, and has no trouble getting to the root of real problems, rather than superficial explanations.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Dorcas is one of the warmest, most giving people in Candleford. She can instinctively read other people’s emotions and tries to respond to them, through ensuring they have all their needs met. She gives Laura gowns to wear and greater responsibilities at the post office. She tries to mediate between Laura’s parents and herself whenever conflicts arise. She often steps back and allows others to step forward, if she feels that’s what they need to feel wanted. But she’s poor at asking for help herself. Dorcas also tends to “meddle” in other people’s affairs – seeing their needs and setting out to fill them. Her 1 wing gives her a sharp sense of duty that often influences her opinions – she can be critical of herself and others, but also wanting to be above reproach and dutiful in all she does, taking her responsibilities at the post office seriously.