Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

James is at his best when he first arrives in Candleford, with a mind to open up The Golden Lion hotel. He easily organizes his men efficiently to finish the job on task and within the budget, then turns his attention to improving the overall town – including telling Dorcas she ought to refurbish the Post Office. He wastes no time in running for the city council, with an eye toward developing the land outside Lark Rise for profit and to raise the standards of the community. He’s so firm in his decisions and confident in his abilities that he often over-reaches himself, believing others will not take his orders as insults – he badly miscalculates with Dorcas and must make amends for his bluntness. His inferior Fi shows in his intense ability to understand the plight of the common man, having worked himself up from nothing, and in his desire to do good by his son, when it becomes obvious that his attempts to win Sydney over through “orders” are a massive failure. He can be broody, withdrawn, and not take into account his own feelings in his decisions, oblivious to how they are influencing his work ethics and drive. James always has a vision in mind, and can be stubborn about it. He knows what he wants from his hotel, from the post office, from Dorcas, and becomes testy and reactive when he doesn’t get his way. He’s so set on achieving his end vision of himself in political office, he fails to see Dorcas’ true intention to outmaneuver him. He does not care much for tradition or social norms, and can be oblivious to things like class status and building upon what’s already there (instead of tearing it down). His eagerness to get involved can sometimes undermine the good he’s attempting to do (such as fixing up Queenie’s home only to have her landlady want to rent it out from under them). His biggest problem, however, is his tert-Se and how it sabotages his relationships. He starts up a sexual relationship with a financial backer, never thinking how it could ruin his future marital prospects; he winds up with an illegitimate son because of a short-term attraction to a supplier’s daughter; he leaps into action too fast, often Te/Se looping in an effort to prove himself.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

James is all about achievement and success. He is very proud of what he has built, coming up from nothing, and wants to win at everything. He often self-promotes and strives to improve everything in town, with an eye toward philanthropic work (his 2 wing wants to be helpful; it leaps into action for Queenie on several occasions, but is often thwarted by his ego). Like most 3’s, he finds it hard to admit to his mistakes – he rephrases things to Dorcas to make himself sound better (lying to her about his sexual relationship with his financier, for example). After she refuses his proposal, he sinks into a 9-ish depression – allowing his hotel to go to pot, laying around in bed all day, not eating or sleeping or taking care of himself, having given up on life.