Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Adelaide is a very compassionate woman whose heart is easily touched by those less fortunate than herself. She struggles to understand many of her husband’s decisions, which are motivated through propriety and duty, because she forgoes convention and trusts her heart when making decisions. She values the things and individuals she cares most about, and believes in acting on her feelings. This both motivates her to befriend others and can make her seem petty and vindictive when trying to put Dorcas in her place. Adelaide suffers in silence through her husband’s obvious preference for another woman, and her own insecurities and unhappiness. Though she likes to have her husband’s impute on her decorating decisions, Adelaide is perfectly capable of making decisions on her own. She is good at knowing what she wants and setting out to get it; if something is not working properly, Adelaide tries to fix it. She also has decent arguments to back up all of her decisions that are based in reality and fact (even though, at times, her true motivations are purely emotional). She loves to make things beautiful and is forever improving on the house, tinkering with the decorating, and purchasing new gowns from the Pratt sisters. She longs for excitement and good society, as seen in her disappointment over missing the annual London ball. She is attentive to what is going on around her, and likes to take advantage of opportunities to act (deciding impulsively to adopt a local orphan girl after believing she cannot have children; abruptly ceasing work on the front gate in favor of another designer, deciding to go on the walk to Lark Rise after all, etc). Her mystical nature leads her to much introspection. Adelaide believes in such things as wishes coming true and signs or premonitions. Her asking of Dorcas about being reconciled to having no children indicates she is thinking in longer terms than merely the immediate; she notices what is happening with other people, often with very little evidence, and draws often accurate conclusions about them.

Enneagram: 4w3 sp/so

Adelaide is moody, introspective, and romantically minded. She is also beset with jealousy for her husband’s fondness for Dorcas Lane – even though she has no reason to suspect him unfaithful. He’s married to her, they share a bed, a home, and a life, yet all she can focus on is what’s missing – his heart. She feels deeply rejected by him, even abandoned, and flawed because of her inability (at first) to bear children. She compensates for these feelings of inadequacy and loss through luxury items and fussing about her wardrobe, forever buying expensive and “quality” things, in part to show off; she has a snobbish streak in her, that wants to receive the best (“As if I could wear something in London made by the Ms. Pratts!”). This is the influence of her 3 wing, which also makes her more “showy” and dramatic in her emotional gestures and meltdowns. She is anxious about her husband’s affections and distrustful of others, somewhat secretive and holding onto what she has tightly – she can waffle in indecision or be decisive.