Minnie is naïve and fanciful, inclined to daydream rather than attend to her chores. Whenever presented with a new thought, Minnie’s mind goes immediately to the most exciting possibility, rather than the most likely one (if a new rich carriage is in town, her notion is that the queen is visiting!). She has a vivid imagination and is captivated by new thoughts, pursuing each with enthusiasm. She tends to use odd metaphors to explain herself. Minnie’s inferior Si shows in her inability to focus and complete tasks. Keeping to a routine is not her strong suit, leading Dorcas to scold her on a daily basis for going off with her head in the clouds and neglecting her duties. Minnie thinks that if something worked for one person, it’s likely to work for another (after hearing the story about how Laura’s parents became engaged, she pulls a similar stunt hoping it will bring Laura and Fisher Bloom together in a similar fashion). She has a notion of how things “ought to be,” and tries to become that way for Alfie once they become romantically involved. Minnie is emotional and sweet, but has trouble articulating her feelings, so she resorts to changing her behavior instead. She does open up and talk about her traumatic past, but it takes her awhile. Her feelings are easily hurt, but she often doesn’t think about how others will feel regarding her blunt appraisals until it is too late (“Laura, your hair don’t suit your face, that’s the truth”). Her bluntness often shocks people, because she says whatever she is thinking, but she never means it in an unkind or malicious way. She is terrible at organizing her time, paying attention, or attending to household chores.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Minnie hates conflict, but often causes it through her slothful attitudes, her daydreaming, her slowness in completing tasks, and her preference for keeping herself in a pleasant state of mind at the cost of doing household chores. She runs away from Dorcas and hides when she’s about to be scolded for making a mistake. She wants to improve herself, works at it for a few days, and then gives up, because it’s too hard and her life is comfortable as it is. Minnie struggles to keep on top of the chores, but is so sweet, amiable, and kind that others forgive her many mistakes. Her 1 wing wants to get better and work hard, but cannot overcome her desire for harmony. It also contributes to her harsh judgments from time to time on others’ actions, behaviors, and motives.