Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Pearl has an eye for business, and is a keen woman at turning a profit and finding financial opportunities for her store. She worked them up from nothing, earning enough money over time to open her own shop. Pearl has a strong work ethic and is effortless in organization and finding practical solutions. She has a straightforward manner of speech and isn’t afraid to tell the hard truth, or to turn someone away who is “bad” for them. Though she loves her sister deeply, Pearl has trouble articulating it. She is sometimes prone to immature emotional outbursts and sensitivities. Pearl tends to dismiss her feelings and not include them when making financial decisions. When she does trust her heart, she often berates herself for it later as having made “foolish” decisions. Her past experiences heavily influence her reactions to things. Pearl is attentive to handling the details of her daily life, in keeping her shop stocked, and in providing quality service. She has a very set approach to how life should be and does not like anything that forces her to confront her fear of change. When Ruby decides to get married, Pearl is deeply unsettled and not sure at first how to go on without her. She is excited about new ideas and possibilities, about the expansion of Candleford, new businesses opening up, and the advancement of society into modern ways of life. Pearl excitedly peruses French magazines for new fashions to copy and bring to her customers. She has a bit of a restless spirit and a vivid imagination, though she tries to temper it with common sense. Unlike her sister, she’s not as inclined to believe in ghosts or suchlike… once she’s had time to think about it.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Pearl prides herself on being a woman of principles. She’s diligent, hard-working, and dutiful. She also casts a stern eye on moral inappropriateness, bad behavior, and frivolity – she can be buttoned up and businesslike, since she has not learned to tap into her growth toward 7 and lighten up into having fun yet. Even in her almost adulterous love affair, she at first resists out of the immorality and how it might tarnish her reputation; when she realizes how truly wrong it is, and how hurtful it is to the man’s wife, she pulls back into restraint. She does not often lose her temper, choosing to keep it all inside. Her 9 wing makes her somewhat withdrawn from her emotions, and desirous of harmony with her sister.