I thought Queenie was an ISFJ at first, but most of her time and attention goes to the people around her. She is forever talking about them, taking on their burdens, thinking of the greater good for the group, even offering up a pig they won at the fair for community consumption and being angry at Twister for trying to sell it. She isn’t afraid to assert herself, either—confronting him angrily whenever he disappoints her, and storming off into the woods to spend time alone and let him “stew in his own juices.” But she is also quick to forgive, to take in strays (raising other people’s children as her own, and being seen as a grandmother by half the kids in Lark Rise), and has a tender, generous spirit about her in how she communicates to and uplifts others. She finds ways to bring others together, by drawing their thoughts back to what they have in common, and the community they share. She also feels better when she can open up to others – such as when she admits to Emma that her grandmother did steal those bees after all. Upsets in the community, and feuds between the two towns, disconcerts her, and makes her feel she has to put it right. Queenie has great respect for the traditions and beliefs she was raised on, some of them pagan – such as reading tea leaves, seeing meaning in the departure of the bees, and sharing and imparting a lot of the local superstitions. She takes them more seriously than some of the other people in the hamlet, believing they have true power. Queenie uses her former experiences with others to weigh on how she interacts with them – when James Dowland comes back to town, she constantly references his childhood, comparing him to then and seeing how he has changed but also stayed the same. She does not much like change, and focuses on fulfilling the immediate sensory needs of her neighbors, but also likes to indulge in a bit of Ne hypothesizing now and again – trying to find meaning in an old tapestry in the graveyard, then abandoning it when she feels unsettled by its messages to the community. She has vague expectations for the future, and trusts in intuition other than her own (looking to read tea leaves and other predictions). She is often imaginative and thoughtful about things. Her low Ti makes her believe in the things that make sense to her, but that cannot be proven (her prophecies and tea leaves, seeking meaning in the tapestry, a belief in ghosts). She also spends a lot of time pondering the “meaning” of things.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Queenie is overly generous and tolerant to deal with her husband’s laziness even though it costs them so much (the rent money spent on frivolities, for example). She takes in orphaned children. She gives away her food. She is generous, self-sacrificing, and loving. If her friends need help, she turns up on their doorstep. But she can, at times, become angry about Twister taking advantage of her good nature, and lash out at him for being selfish, greedy, and taking her for granted — showing the 2’s line to 8 in how they can get fed up and let people have it. Her 1 wing makes her principled, and concerned with doing what is “right” – she can’t sleep well at night unless she is honest and hard working.