Timothy has a strong connection to the history of the parish, to his childhood growing up outside of Candleford, and to his responsibilities as the local magistrate. He is very much a man of principle and duty, content to act out his role as a leader in the community. Timothy finds it hard to break away from the bonds forged throughout his youth and childhood; despite his marriage, he continues to turn to Dorcas for encouragement, support, and friendship, just as he did when they were children. He admits that he has traditional views (“I may not approve of a woman running the post office, but I do enjoy it”), something that often puts him at odds with his more progressive wife (he puts his foot down over adopting a child from a lower social class, rather than having children of their own). Though he tends toward sentiment and is unhappy when too much changes all at once (even the loss of a beloved tree upsets him), Timothy is eventually able to see that his continued existence in Candleford is doing neither him nor Dorcas any good, and moves away to let both of them grow apart. He is good at coming up with creative solutions to problems. He is able to put his personal feelings aside to make objective decisions in court that both favor the law and show impartiality in imposing the rules. Timothy is good at organizing events and people to accomplish things, and in taking care of business. He struggles to know how to relate to his wife or deal with her emotions. Sometimes, he takes decisive steps to prevent her from obtaining what she wants if it conflicts with his desires (like smuggling a child off in the middle of the night, to prevent her from becoming too fond of it). His tendency is toward kindness, and he is good at offering sympathy, encouragement, and wise advice to the people he cares about, but when his wife’s views conflict with his own, Timothy favors his preferences over hers. He can appear quite cold in many of his rebuffs and decisions. His ability to not allow other people’s feelings to influence his is helpful when dealing with unpleasant situations (such as Caroline’s imprisonment).

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Timothy is highly principled and dutiful. When he doesn’t want to do something Adelaide proposes, he often points out how it’s his responsibility to act as squire to the county, and how he must do his “duty.” He does his duty at home too, but isn’t emotionally available to his wife at first. Timothy is hiding his true feelings behind a stoic, hard-working man, whose principles would never allow him to cheat on his wife, but who cannot quite let go of the past. Ultimately, his desire to do right by Adelaide and Dorcas causes him to pull away from the latter, and focus on being a good and proper husband. His 9 wing hates conflict, but also makes him somewhat detached, removed from his wife’s feelings, and numb to the depths of his own greater desires.