Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Father Blackwood has become a high ranking priest in the Satanic Church due to his ease in accomplishing things. He knows how to delegate, negotiate, and enforce the rules of the school. He also wants to create massive change “for the better” and writes a manifesto, which he presents to the Anti-Pope. He makes a formidable foil for Sabrina, because he is capable of planning things out in advance and outsmarting her on several fronts at once. Blackwood cares very much about a few things near and dear to his heart – his family, his blood, and his religion. He is also ambitious in his desire to mold the outside world. He can be callous and oblivious to others’ feelings. Much like Sabrina’s aunt, Blackwood prefers the “old ways.” Sabrina calls his policies “regressive,” because they hark back hundreds of thousands of years to when warlocks were dominant over the witches. He believes in and loves to revisit the same rituals each year. He enjoys teaching them to his students and also instills in them a sense of respect for their ancestral roots. Blackwood does not much stray into external possibilities, but does think up multiple ways to get what he wants. He enjoys the symbolism of their passion plays and wants his life to carry meaning beyond the present.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

No matter what goes down in his school, somehow Blackwood comes out on top. He’s ambitious in his desire to achieve power and authority. He eagerly leaps on opportunities to shape policy and advance himself. He marries Zelda for a political advantage. He can adapt to any situation and come across as charming and even trustworthy, then turn around and be hard-nosed with someone else. He never doubts himself or his ability to succeed. His 4 wing shows in his elitism and disdain for common mortals, practices, and anything “lesser.”