Hilda has a warm, amiable, bubbly personality that is quick to comfort others and make them feel at home. She also draws her ethics from the external world, since she was willing to go against her own instinct (not wanting to sign the book) in order to fit in with social harmony, and stay part of the coven – unlike Sabrina, whose defiance surprises her. Hilda is able to remain impartial in the following events, offering everyone emotional support, but also addressing her feelings whenever they arise (her irritation at her sister killing her, her disappointment in being excommunicated, etc). Her inferior Ti shows in how she does not over-analyze things, choosing instead to react with her instincts. She has her routines and does not much deviate from them. She makes their home cozy and is always baking, cleaning, and tending her herbs. She has different memories of school than her sister, and also a different impression of their brother. Hilda often reminds others of how it has always been, or how it was, before, in magical terms – warning her nephew not to spend too much time projecting himself, lest the creatures that lurk in the netherworld latch onto and kill him. Her lower Ne makes her anxious about going against the coven, disobeying the rules, or breaking from tradition. But, she’s also more open-minded than her sister, and signs as a “witness” Sabrina’s Catholic baptismal certificate.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Hilda spends all her time caring for other people, puttering around the house and keeping the kitchen in order, making sure her sister has all her needs met, so much so that she has become indispensible and her sister hates the idea of her getting married or leaving, because then the house will “fall into chaos.” She is forever showing up and asking if Sabrina and her friends need anything, bringing them trays of food, serving the sick, and finding ways to connect through being helpful, bubbly, cheerful, and optimistic. She is not above breaking the rules for a good cause, and has great ideas about how Sabrina can reconnect to her friends (they are all about being needed – make a threat, so the Fright Club becomes necessary once more). When her husband’s dead mother shows up, Hilda brings her food and tries to make her feel at home. She desperately wants love and is more maternal than her sister, in her attempts to mother all the children she comes into contact with. Hilda is also easily offended by her sister’s crueler behaviors (such as murdering her several times and burying her in the garden to prove a point).