Sabrina instantly leaps into action to resolve whatever is happening in her environment, and as a result, often creates even bigger problems. When a friend is bullied, she casts a spell to keep the principle away, so she can start up a club to protect that girl, and others like her. She hastens to bite into an apple that will predict her future, and help her decide whether or not to sign the Devil’s Book. When her boyfriend’s brother is killed in a mine collapse, Sabrina brings him back from the dead, with unfortunate consequences. Her inferior Ni haunts her; she’s too quick to leap into action, and never pauses to think about the consequences. Sabrina never questions her teacher’s change in behaviors, or what she’s up to; she takes Blackwood at face value when he lies to her about what signing the book entails; she never thinks about if her parents were murdered until another person raises the possibility; she believes all the lies her teacher tells her, and allows herself to be manipulated; she assumes, in a naïve low Ni way, that everything will work out okay, that she can somehow cheat even the deepest, darkest, ugliest magical forces. She does show one strong instance of Ni, though, when she realizes Prudence is Blackwood’s illegitimate daughter. She breaks rules and outwits her enemies, thanks to her Se-dom quick responses, but has a glaring intuitive blind spot. Sabrina believes in living according to her principles, even when others do not agree with her – even though generations of Spellmans before her have signed the book, she refuses to. She continually bucks authority and tradition, prioritizing those she cares about more (her “mortal” friends). Sabrina rarely opens up about her feelings, but displays plenty of “get the job done” tert-Te – using force and spells to accomplish short-term goals, and get what she wants, from stopping the hazing practices at the magical academy to raising someone from the dead (and then admitting they need killed, since their soul is gone). She hires a lawyer when it’s necessary, and only rarely asks “why?” But she always has a plan, even if it involves baking a Truth cake, and the intention of carrying it out.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Sabrina is an aggressive girl, who directly goes after what she wants and easily confronts others. She moves against those who stand in her way, using many unorthodox methods to get even with them (casting spells on them and confounding them). She is highly assertive in how she defends people through her 8 wing—her friends when they are bullied, her boyfriend when his brother dies, her aunts whenever they need her, and goes to extreme tactics to get what she wants –exacting justice in increasingly power-seeking and punishing ways (starting out with spiders, then killing a girl for revenge in the belief she can cheat Death). Her manipulative tactics involve gathering compromising photos to use as blackmail and ignoring the potential consequences of her decisions. It contributes to how she handles problems, always seeking power and leverage when dealing with others, and coming across as confident even when she’s unsure.