Zelda is the aggressive “doer” in the Spellman family, the undisputed “boss” in the house. She is the authority when it comes to making decisions and has very little time nor patience for emotional hang-ups. She admits that she was aggressive in school, hazing her own sister into tears more than once, and it takes her decades to realize the emotional effect it had on her. She believes in doing the rational thing, which is what everyone else in their family has always done (Si), and has little emotional awareness – she rarely factors them into her decisions, which leaves her vulnerable when she faces up to her own feelings. The way she remembers school differs from how her sister remembers it, showing her subjectivity. And how she thinks of the Dark Lord isn’t how Sabrina thinks of the Dark Lord. Zelda bases every decision she makes and advice she gives on her personal experiences – from school and the tradition of hazing to her desperate need for Sabrina to sign the book and continue on the family tradition of Spellmans serving the Dark Lord. Even her ritual murdering of her sister and waiting for her to resurrect in the graveyard shows a pattern of behavior. She is reluctant to abandon the “old ways,” often referencing “taboo” behaviors that she enjoys (ritual sacrifices, eating human flesh, etc). She isn’t quick to read between the lines, and does not adapt to change well, using her Ne only to problem-solve when push comes to shove.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

To Zelda, appearances are everything. She prides herself on being important to the Dark Lord, and when Sabrina refuses to sign her name in Satan’s Book, her aunt goes into a full-tilt meltdown with dismay. It reflects on them! It casts a bad light on their parenting skills! Oh, Satan must be so angry and disappointed in them! She’ll do anything to get them back on top, including sleeping with Lord Blackwood (which is a pleasure also) and almost falls over herself with delight whenever he singles her or her family out to receive various “honors.” Her 2 wing steps in to help Sabrina handle messes, although she puts on a bold, uncaring front.