Winston has made his career in being someone able to immediately shift into action – he’s always aware of what’s going on and eager to exploit its potential. Logical. Rational. Deliberate. Winston does not suffer fools lightly – he eats them for breakfast! He can be blunt, witty, and full of gruff comebacks. He has a rational reason for all of his decisions and can back it up, but at times, he can be out of touch with the seriousness of his own physical situation. It makes sense to him not to weaken himself in the public eye by revealing how serious his physical condition is, but as Elizabeth points out to him, he also weakened the government, because if anything had happened, with him and his second and command both in hospital, no one was in charge! His tert-Fe shows in how he likes to be liked, and enjoys the accolades of his peers (accepting standing ovations with sheer joy, and feeling angst-ridden at having to leave his position and power behind). As a younger man, he was rather hedonistic and pursuing of physical pleasures (drinking, cigars, and the fine life) and continues them into his senior years. But now he’s in his old age, Winston in the series is largely concerned with inferior Ni desires – to leave a “legacy,” to hold onto power as long as he can, seeing ways to cling to his fragile position and “hold out” (using delays in Elizabeth’s coronation to save himself from replacement in the government). He can be stubborn and singular in his thinking, refusing to listen to outside opinions and fixating on a single outcome he wants to see come about (Ni grip).

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Winston doesn’t have a problem berating people who get out of line, or reminding people of who is in charge in the room. He doesn’t take kindly to others usurping his authority, because he has to be “in charge.” But he also defends those who need it. He stands up for the queen. He stands up for Philip (once in awhile). And he doesn’t mince words about it. His 7 wing when younger contributed to his great thirst for life; as an old man, it contributes to his need to ignore the truth of his aging and avoid talking about it. He’s very hurt when his artist “friend” paints him as he is, because it shows the “scars.” He didn’t want to face growing old, or admit to his bodily weaknesses (neither did 8, because old age = weakness).