Clara spends most of the film on a quest to find her true self, and to find the power within herself, but also in a period of mourning for her mother. Since her own grief is so deep and all-encompassing, she finds it difficult to understand or appreciate her father’s struggle (as he confesses at the end, “I lost the love of my life”). She prefers to deal with her feelings alone – isolating herself when opening her mother’s gift, and expressing dislike for her father “pretending nothing has happened” (his Fe, putting on a brave face for the family). Clara is often stumped by difficult mistakes – after she discovers the egg has no key, she gives up on solving it and tries no other ways to open it (inferior Te). At the end, Clara first tries compassion and reasoning to bring the villain around to her side, but then exacts judgment, based on her moral parameters of what is good (“A queen does what is best for her people”). Clara specializes in inventions and in exploring possibilities; she can easily figure out how things work and how to fix them, and has a lot of faith in her ability to do so, until she reaches the Four Realms and finds larger problems than she envisioned. She puts things together quickly, once she has the information (figuring out the true identity of the villain and their lies, embracing the concept of time and how it works differently in the Four Realms); but she also expresses some regret that things have changed since her mother’s death, and she does not like it.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Clara is sensitive and withdrawn, also self-doubting… comparing herself to her mother and finding herself inadequate, unable to help those in the Four Realms. The self-doubt belongs to a 6, who distrusts their ability to do things on their own. This low sense of self esteem is why her mother left her a message from beyond the grave, that all she needs is to find and trust in herself. She cannot move past her mother’s death, nursing her feelings and having to work through them, before she can begin to heal or attend to others’ needs. Her 5 wing makes her emotionally withdrawn and “heady,” and gives her a lot of technical knowledge and self-trust in her ability to fix things.