Lara is the ultimate opportunist. She spends her free time boxing and getting in shape, since she has such a natural feel for her body. She’s the first one to notice things in her environment, and to see what their potential is (she keeps trying different colored stones in the lock to keep the floor from collapsing until she finds the right combination by solving the riddle). She does not hesitate to confront thieves, or take risks, or climb rocks. Lara’s quick action saves her on many occasions. She shows low intuition, though she does solve her father’s puzzles and those of the ancient tomb; she realizes by reading the paintings on the tomb walls that the body isn’t a hidden evil power, but a carrier. But she sometimes misses the obvious without a hint (her father’s lawyer’s role in events does not occur to her until the end). She loves to be just “one of the boys,” spending a lot of her time logically thinking up ways to outsmart them at their own game (and she almost wins the bike chase due to her innovative thinking). Lara is quick to problem solve. In the caves, she figures out the sequence to open the doors just in the nick of time. She barters for the things she wants, offering tit for tat. But she can often get caught up in her emotions. Lara does not declare her father dead, because even though it’s likely, she does not want to accept or admit it. Doing so will place his vast fortune in her hands – but it doesn’t feel right, so she goes in search of him instead. She does not talk about her feelings much, but ultimately always does the right thing for the most amount of people.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Lara does not want to face the facts. She has a fortune just waiting for her to claim it – so she takes a crappy job instead and spends all her money at the local gym. She’s distracting herself from unpleasant truths like – her father left her, no one knows what happened to him, he’s dead. When she finds the key and the map, and information about where he went, rather than burn the documents like he told her – she uses them to find the island where he disappeared. She wants answers. And adventure. Her 8 wing brings out aggression, but she would rather not use it unless necessary. She handles terrible situations with extreme calm, aware of who is “in control.”