Cynthia has a bold, courageous presence in a room, and likes to fill it; she is forever seeking a good time and feels happiest when she’s allowed to be on the constant move, experiencing new things, meeting new people, buying pretty clothes, and seeing all the sights in London. She’s not fond of a small town and would never settle for the dull life of a scientist or a doctor’s wife. Her opportunism and tendency to live in the moment, however, means she breaks a lot of men’s hearts – she uses Preston to get a new gown and shoes; she flatters Rodger until he proposes, and then strings him along while flirting with other, more interesting men. Her inferior Ni never allows her to see the dangerous game she is playing, and what havoc it could wreak on her reputation, until it’s too late and Preston has threatened to expose her. Cynthia makes it quite plain she doesn’t like her mother. She intentionally says things to contradict her, and align herself with Molly (“You went up two steps at a time, Molly? Why only the other day I found out I could manage three, you know!”). Cynthia doesn’t mirror other people’s feelings, so she’s always astonished to find out men are in love with her, since she was just having a good time and appealing to them, and never thought they would take her so seriously as to propose to her! She can be quite selfish and unkind, but also loyal to those few she cares about. Cynthia admits that she “hates most people.” She isn’t very good with her Te either, except in wanting to resolve things firmly and move on with her life. She quickly sees how Molly has more natural fierceness and can manage this for her.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sx

Cynthia is quite good at appealing to people, at acting like she needs them to protect and save her. She instantly steps in and makes herself attractive to them, flattering them, flirting with them, laughing at everything they say, and making men feel that she’s madly in love with them over the course of lunch. All of this, of course, to draw attention to herself and to… well, get things. She 2ishly manipulates Preston into taking care of her, then convinces Molly to pay him off with all the money she has saved. Her 3 wing has a strong need to be seen as the best, the most beautiful, and to social climb. She likes to run away from pain and troubles, to see herself in a good light, and to have fun.