Molly relates everything back to her own subjective experiences, and balks against outside information that conflicts with it. She does not see why others see Hyacinth as kind when she recalls clearly that the woman let her fall asleep in her room and forgot all about her. She is resistant to the idea of her life changing; she does not want her father to marry again and upset the dynamic of the household, nor for her new mother to remodel her room and remove her mother’s possessions. When she learns about Osbourne’s wife and child, Molly thinks in the traditional way, that he needs to earn a proper income to support them, that they ought to come after his death to live with the family, etc. She nurtures a deep and abiding love for Roger that disapproves of her sister’s more flippancy as regards relationships. She loves to tinker in the garden and tends to take things at face value. She reaches firm, resolute opinions about others that do not often change and how she predicts changes to her own life. Molly limits her intuition to her interest in practical information, such as wasp’s nests. Unlike her sister, Molly has a deep interest in practical, logical things. She loves to learn and considers herself a bluestocking. She believes in hard work and the value of what she produces. She points out the logical side of things, such as the need for stability and for a family to provide for its own. Molly takes active steps to resolve her sister’s problems with someone, and asserts her own opinions of disapproval strongly. Her Fi has strong opinions that sometimes conflict with the people around her – she doesn’t mind asserting herself, when she feels her new mother is intruding upon her (she doesn’t want her room changed), when her father decides to marry and “change” up their pleasant life together (she’s angry he did this without consulting her), when she feels Cynthia is being inappropriate and using the man who loves her ill, etc. She doesn’t easily merge with other people’s opinions and can be stubborn about her feelings. She is kind, but awkward in trying to comfort others. Molly tends to bury her feelings deep, and they only come out in bursts of anger.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Molly has a strong reaction to bad or inappropriate behaviors in others – she judges Rodger when she thinks he might be spreading tales about Osbourne (and upsetting his mother in the process); she judges Cynthia’s flirtatious, inappropriate behavior, and tells her off for using Rodger ill; she calls out Lady Harriet for being rude and mocking her friends in town and says she won’t associate with Lady Harriet anymore if she has nothing nice to say about them; she can also be hard on her own behavior – flying off the handle at her father when he decides to marry again (“I see now why you sent me away; so all of this could be quietly arranged!” then regretting it and saying she wished she hadn’t done it). Her 2 wing makes her eager to help, but also forceful in her opinions.