Pearly is undeniably a thinker – he often surprises his underlinings by his deep pondering as to the meaning of things (life, the afterlife), etc. He catches other people off guard by asking them how they feel (“All these people trying to get up there [into heaven / being stars] and you choose to come down here and live a mortal life; do you like it?”) and why they have value, either as human beings or demons. He sneers at one of his underlings because they never question anything – “Would you consider yourself someone who seeks to understand things?” “No.” “Then don’t start now.” Pearly is forever trying to understand how things work, how the world operates, why things as they are, and what makes the most logical sense. He shows very little Fe except he likes to taunt people before he tries to kill them and/or remind them of their failures, just to watch them squirm. He does not mind doing things himself, but is always open to having someone else do it. He risks his immortality out of sheer confidence that he can best Peter in a fight – and would have, if not for “the starlight.” Pearly also has the problem of low Ni, in that he leaps to immediate conclusions and drives toward swift action (Se) based off a shallow hunch (low Ni) and does not take long enough to explore other options, assuming the first thing that comes into his head will answer all the problems. This is how he erred with Beverly. His arrogance is his total confidence in his own hunches, which are often either misplaced or flat out erroneous.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

He treats every situation calmly but with aggression and sometimes violence. Pearly isn’t easily ruffled and considers others to be weak. He likes to push people and see what they do, also to bend the rules. He likes to be hands on and is a bit hedonistic, although he takes care not to step over Lucifer’s boundaries. Lucifer has left him “in charge” of New York City as his dominion and he does it well. His 9 why he’s so philosophical, interested in gathering knowledge, and even introspective at times.