Peter isn’t much for sharing his feelings, but is actually a compassionate and generous young man, who easily befriends Beverly and her little sister, who responds with kindness to anyone who needs him, and who finds it difficult to articulate his feelings. When asked what’s wrong, all he can manage is a lot of tears and to murmur that someone is “dead a long time now.” He also has that Fi-driven need to know who he is, for whom his miracle is intended, and his place in the world. He hinges a lot of his identity on being left on the docks as a child and “coming in on a boat,” but doesn’t share easily about himself. Pearly doesn’t like him, because he says Peter’s morality got in the way – he learned how to steal something without killing someone! His lower Te can be blunt at times about his intentions, but also believes in direct action. He simply accepts things as they are – the facts are that people have miracles, he has survived a long time, and has something he “needs to do.” He makes his living stealing from people, which is a high risk business, but also a natural choice for an opportunist. He sees an unlocked window, he goes for it. He notices small things around the house, like Beverly’s tent, her gown caught in a door, etc. He is “on the run” because he has double-crossed the city’s demonic crime lord. Peter is quick to leap into action, to fall in love, and even to introduce Beverly to risky things, but he also shows good Ni in his ability to sense his true purpose, and the meaning of his own personal miracle. He senses that Beverly is “my destiny” but he doesn’t know how. He and Pearly share the Se/Ni trait of leaping to erroneous conclusions because they seem to yield the most immediate impact.

Enneagram: 2w1 sx/sp

He’s open to love and ready for it. When he meets Beverly, he can’t just walk away from her, he has to figure out how to help her, love her, be whatever she wants; he senses that their destinies are entwined. He also helps later in the story, with a woman and her little girl. He fixes the boiler in an attempt to get Beverly’s father to approve more of him. He wants to run away from his problems at first (thinking he can steal a few more things and go to Florida to get away from Pearly) but is also drawn in by a girl who needs him. His 1 wing brings in a sense of morality which helps him stand against Pearly.