Charles has built his life around forming a community in which Mutant children can thrive through acceptance, helping them unleash their powers and learn to use them safely, and instilling in them a sense of common purpose. He teaches them tolerance and acceptance of differing viewpoints by showing them that Mutants and Humans are not worth more than one another, but can live in harmony, with Mutants using their powers as an asset to the greater world. He often attempts to convince Magneto to join his cause, persuading him to trust humans and offer them more benefit of the doubt. His inferior Ti shows in his inability to seriously question his own idealistic viewpoint; Magneto is right in that Humans will prove hostile toward Mutantkind, a fact Charles does not want to accept. After his passing, Storm says the school will continue to “pursue his vision” for a future in which Mutants and Humans coexist in harmony. Charles started the school for that exact reason. He has such a “sure” vision of the future that he attempts to bend others into it, trying to find a place for Magneto in that reality and stubbornly refusing to accept or consider alternate perspectives. (None of them appeal to him.) He set up barriers in Jean Grey’s mind decades in advance, fearing her greater potential as a destructive force if left unleashed. And he quickly sees the intuitive potential in his students and teachers alike. His tert-Se shows very little, in part due to him being bound to a wheelchair. But he has successfully trained his psychic abilities to pay intense attention to his environment, and he takes frequent risks that put himself in danger (not the least of which being his attempt to convince Dark Phoenix to come back from the darkness).

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

He devotes his life to service, finding resourceful ways to help on a Ni level – by creating an environment where kids can learn and develop their abilities, with an eye toward shaping their futures in positive social directions. But he also helps individually – by compartmentalizing Jean’s powers, by helping Logan unlock his memories, and through his repeated attempts to rehabilitate Magneto. His 1 wing brings in a strong emphasis on duty, and moral right and wrong, which keeps him going back to his “old friend” again and again, visiting him in prison out of a sense of being “needed” (and to hopefully one day change his mind).