Jean has a warm and consoling approach to others, but she is also firm in her opinions and expressive of her feelings. She tells Logan exactly where he stands with her on a romantic level (not a chance, I’m with Scott) and even when under her shadow self, as Dark Phoenix, is forthcoming with her resentment for how others have attempted to control her in the past. Her sense of self-sacrifice for the “greater good” manifests in her willingness to die to save her friends — in the typical method of Fe-doms, once she has made up her mind, it’s no use arguing with or attempting to stop her. Jean shows low Ti development in her interest in understanding how others and herself works, and in her medical knowledge, but she has yet to master the “framework” of her own powers in order to better access and use them. Instead, she tries to control them. She has an intuitive sense of Logan’s intentions. She also instinctively understands the professor. Jean senses what she must do, to save the others – but she more consistently shows evidence of a Fe/Se loop. Her eagerness to help makes her impulsive; she knows she cannot use Cerebro without potentially hurting herself, yet does it anyway. She makes a split second decision about how to save her friends, which winds up costing her, her sanity and her kinder personality. Yet, Jean often lapses into using her powers rather than directly engaging with her enemies – she leaves all the knock-down drag out fighting to the sensors in her life, preferring to rely on her mental powers.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sx

Her duel personalities show two different sides to the 2 – Jean is a loving, attractive, and attentive partner, fully devoted to serving Scott’s needs and finding her place within the X-Men team. She selflessly helps her friends time and again, leading to her ultimate sacrifice. But Dark Phoenix is also a 2 – an unhealthy, seductive, manipulative two who aggressively pursues Logan sexually and resents being taken advantage of by Xavier. Her disintegration to 8 comes out in the third film, when she is belligerent, ruthless, and reacts out of an intense desire to have no one else “control” her, showing all the negative sides of 8 with none of the positive ones. Her 1 wing brings in a strong sense of moral duty, right, and wrong, and disapproval for Logan’s attempts to sway her toward him emotionally.