Wolverine feels haunted by his lack of understanding of his own past — he cannot stop searching until he remembers what happened to him, and the reasons why. His sense of logic remains unsatisfied until he has all the answers. Fortunately for his friends and the X-Men team, he is a quick, analytical problem-solver, who instinctively knows the most rational solutions when confronted with a crisis. Others can hold back and use their powers to strategize or protect themselves – Wolverine is the one who will leap instantly into the fray, using his claws and healing abilities to unleash hell on anyone who threatens the people he cares about. He easily adapts to his environment, and uses it in a fight, but relies more on his brute strength and willingness to engage. His Ni is also strong – he figures out before Xavier does that Magneto intends to transfer his powers to Rogue and use her to power the machine, killing her in the process. He senses Scott’s dislike for him, and that he feels threatened by Logan’s attraction to Jean. Logan does sometimes take things at face value (“You told me he was after me [not Rogue]!”) but he also sees a deeper sense of purpose and understanding. His low Fe also feels a need to give back to society, and to contribute. It’s “touched” by Rogue’s plight and willing to open up to her. It’s also frank and forthcoming about his feelings for Jean Grey (“Can you read my mind?” “I’d rather not.” “Why? You afraid you might like it?”). He can be blunt in expressing himself and his contempt for Scott, but also influenced by others emotional arguments (Xavier’s promise to help him find the truth, Rogue’s appeals for help, etc).

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Wolverine takes no sh!t from anyone. When Rogue first meets him, he’s cage fighting for money. When someone threatens him with violence for having “cheated,” he draws his titanium blades on the man’s throat. When Rogue sneaks into his trailer, he throws her off – then drives a hundred yards away, parks, and waits for her to climb into the truck. Wolverine fears no one. Scott does not intimidate him. Magneto does not scare him, just surprises him. If you need someone to stand up to a bad guy and not back down, Wolverine is more than up to the task. His 7 wing does not like to feel caged, and seeks a lifestyle of freedom until he finds his calling within the X-Man’s ranks (even then, he maintains a strong sense of independence and a bad attitude).