Rogue feels stifled in her small life; the first time we meet her, she’s talking about “going on an adventure,” and has a map on her wall with her route all planned. When her kiss winds up putting her boyfriend in the hospital, she leaps into impulsive action – hitchhiking to Canada, then warning Logan of an impending attack, then climbing into the back of his trailer, and integrating easily into the school, where she forms new connections almost instantly. She confidently and, for the most part, competently handles the outside world even when she’s terrified. In the third film, she decides to take the cure as an immediate solution to the problem that has plagued her for most of her adult life (thus enabling her to touch other people and receive physical love) – without asking any questions, wondering if there’s a catch, or considering the side effects. Rogue does not show much Ni development or awareness, continually taking things at face value, and reacting completely in the moment. She forms a strong bond with Logan the first time they meet, seeing in him something representative of how she perceives herself – as a “freak” and an “outcast,” but also someone unapologetic about who he is (which she would like to be). She can be blunt at times with Logan, but appreciative of his “tough talks.” Ultimately, Rogue decides to reclaim her human name, and take the Cure, “for myself,” not for love or any other reason. She felt it necessary to do it, and did it, regardless of how her fellow Mutants feel about it. She does show some Te in her swift resolutions and desire to find immediate solutions (she is looking for a “fix,” not deeper understanding).

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/sx

Rogue hates being different; she just wants to be normal, and to have a normal life where she can touch and be touched. She’s so afraid once she discovers her powers, she runs away—and then hitchhikes with Logan because she sees him as a free ride and as someone who could protect her. She’s scared to trust anyone until they have proven themselves reliable; she’s scared of Magneto, and defensive against him. As the series unfolds, she becomes more assertive and aggressive, going her own way and making her down decisions, but always from a point of seeking inclusion and normality. Her 7 wing allows her to move toward what she wants, opens her up to adventure, but also makes her more reliant on other people than she would with a 5 wing.