Mystique’s mutant power is literally adaptation — she can become anyone the environment needs. As such, she’s incredibly in tune with it – aware of where others are at all times, and able to respond and play a role instantly. She is very physical and aggressive, preferring hand-to-hand combat. Magneto often sends her out to do his physical dirty work. When attempting to escape, Mystique pulls all kinds of high-risk stunts. She seduces a guard to fill his body with iron. It takes a dozen guards to keep her under lock and key. She also leaps in front of Magneto to take a dart meant to immobilize his powers — to her own determent. She can think her way out of any problem, quickly and efficiently, but falls back on the same approach each time, assuming her powers will work in every situation – a rational conclusion that isn’t often wrong. The only time her shape-shifting fails her is when Wolverine reads her scent and knows she’s pretending to be Storm. (Ti likes to create a logical framework and then apply it universally to new situations; a “life hack” that never fails until the variables change – in her case, her reliance on her shape-shifting abilities.) Her Fe believes in a mutual cause for the greater good — mutant domination. She also uses her Fe to mess with people when she’s bored; locked up in the prison truck, she tries a variety of different voices and shapes to torment her guards with, before promising to kill them all. She also offers to shape-shift into whatever body Logan wants, in order to sleep with him. She shows little Ni except in her desire for Mutants to live openly and not “hide,” in a future Magneto intends to bring about. She supports his vision, and tries to help him accomplish it.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

She reacts from the gut, and always in a way that ensures she comes out on top. Mystique is aggressive and sensual, lustful toward life in a hands-on way. She fears no one and takes on dangerous assignments without a backward glance. Her aggression makes her a formidable opponent, something Wolverine quickly learns. But in a way, it’s to avenge her own self (“It’s people like you who made me afraid to go to school as a child”) and her “kind.” Mystique doesn’t believe in pity, or in feelings. She tells Nightcrawler he shouldn’t have to hide. She moves past her feelings to get the job done, and adapts willingly into whatever others want, in order to meet their needs. Her 7 wing is hedonistic and loves adventure.