Storm’s instincts catch on with lightning speed. She intuitively pieces things together – such as when Magneto warns them someone wants to use Charles to power a machine and find all the Mutants, she wonders how they knew how to build one, forcing Magneto to reveal he gave up the plans under mind control. When she teleports into Second Cerebro, Nightcrawler falls for the little girl, but Storm knows it’s an illusion (“That’s no little girl”). When Charles attempts to hide his suspicions about Jean resurfacing as Dark Phoenix from the group, Storm accurately says, “There’s something you’re not telling us.” When she meets Nightcraweler, she observes the symbols carved into his body and perceives correctly, “Did you do these yourself?” She often accurately predicts what’s about to happen (Magneto’s intentions and double crosses). Storm shows little engagement with her environment; since she can control the weather, she uses that to do her fighting for her – and is quickly overpowered when she cannot use it (when high Se users attack her with physical violence). Storm has a straightforward tendency to get what she wants and make things happen; rather than endlessly debating with Nightcrawler in an attempt to get him to teleport down to them, she simply creates a storm and strikes him with lightning. She is a calm, studied, and patient teacher who does not like Wolverene ruining lessons by being too quick to leap into action and/or using sloppy teaching methods. Once Charles is gone, Storm takes up the mantle of running the school on his behalf. She has a strong Fi. Storm treats the senator with kindness after he has insulted and lobbied against them. She holds his hand while he dies, but is honest in her remarks to him. She welcomes Logan as part of the group and forges a friendship with him. But her strongest sense of self comes in the third film, in which she learns a medical lab has developed a “cure” for being a Mutant. In a rare display of emotion, she rails against it, insists there is ‘nothing wrong with us,’ and feels deeply offended. Yet, when push comes to shove, she defends their right to exist, because it represents freedom of choice for others, something her Fi understands.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

The few times we see Storm react, it’s with anger. She feels a strong need to uphold a sense of justice, and demands appropriate behavior from her students. She doesn’t like them to goof off in her class, since she takes her responsibilities very seriously. Offended as she is by the idea of a Cure, she still shows up to protect the people on the island who created it, because it’s the morally right thing to do. She keeps the school open ,because of self-identification with the kids (Fi) but also… because it’s the right thing to do. Her 2 wing makes her a good teacher and willing to go the extra mile to help, even if what others are doing is not something she agrees with.