Ted takes great delight in manipulating people and in outsmarting the police. He’s easily able to cover up his crimes and avoid detection, because he keeps a larger picture in mind at all times. He factors legal arguments into his decisions. When he does escape, he doesn’t do so efficiently so much as he does so intelligently – he plans things out in advance before doing them. He over-estimates himself, continually, assuming he can talk his way out of anything and failing; trying to convince his girlfriend of his innocence, long after she has given up on him; presuming he can talk his way out of a death penalty conviction, by representing himself at his own trial. Even when facing 90 years in jail, Ted is talking about his future dreams and selling his new girlfriend on the wonderful life they will have together. His inferior Si shows his stubborn determination to hang onto a relationship that has grown cold; he continues to appeal to her years after it’s too late, unable to move on from this stabilizing force in his life. He has an argument and an answer for everything. He twists the facts around to suit how he sees it, unapologetically. Ted’s murders range from premeditated (plotting how to use a fake injury to gain the trust and sympathy of compassionate women) to more spontaneous (the double-murder in the fraternity house). He evaluates situations and finds the most logical thing he can exploit, from planning and executing his clever escapes to arguing in court. Mostly, though, he exhibits a lot of ‘fake’ niceness through tert Fe. He can turn his charm on and off, at will. He appeals to women’s feelings to gain their trust, then exploits them for his own personal gain – grooming and coaching his “prison girlfriend” to give leading statements to the press. He knows this will impact the overall “appearance” of the trial. He can turn on the crocodile tears and make people believe in his innocence, but since he’s a full-blown psychopath, he doesn’t mean any of it.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/so

Ted is a chameleon. No one knows his true face or identity. He’s a blank slate onto which women project their fantasies. He also manages to convince a lot of people of his innocence, refusing to admit to his crimes until he has no choice and is on death row. He didn’t do it. They have the wrong guy. He can get it of this, don’t you worry. He “becomes” what the situation requires. He embodies his own lies. And like most unhealthy 3s, he won’t admit he’s faking it. His 4 wing makes him detached, elitist, feel as if he’s owed things. Pretentious, even. He is self-reliant and a dreamer.