“Bee” is a bundle of energy, continually directed at accumulating external experiences. She is a star athlete whose skills are unsurpassed on the team. She loves jogging and strengthening her endurance. She enjoys going to exotic locations and doing very hands-on work, like archeology in Turkey. Bee loves to throw herself off cliffs and take big risks. She tends to live in the moment and can be somewhat impulsive and unpredictable. A counselor once said that she is “single minded to the point of recklessness.” It’s true, Bee zeroes in on what she wants and figures out how to get it; this makes her an incredible performer and athlete, but also intentional in her goals. She excludes all external options when pursuing the object of her desires. Her mother’s suicide guts her emotionally, but she rarely talks about it, even with her dad. Bee is somewhat detached from others and even her archeological find until she senses a personal connection (the woman’s age, close to her mother’s when she died) that arouses her compassion and sadness. Rather than talk about her feelings, Bee acts on them – beating up someone for making fun of her friends (as a little kid!), seducing a camp counselor and then going into depression, hopping on a bus to go visit her grandmother, etc. She can stick to a schedule and be responsible. Bee also likes to be in control of her own life. She organizes others to get things done and accomplish things in the real world; she cares about reaching tangible goals and has good arguments for all her conclusions.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Bee runs away whenever her life gets hard. She doesn’t want to face the truth of her mother’s suicide, because it takes her to a dark place. When she finds out her father stole and hid her birthday letters from her grandmother, she runs off to Turkey for the summer without talking to him. Then, she runs to her grandmother’s house. She admits that she is “always running” away from her problems. On the flip side, she is happy, optimistic, and spirited. She loves to experience life and adventures, and nothing seems to phase her. Her 8 wing makes her assertive and independent.