Lena is an artist, but she admires others for having more “daring” in their art and being willing to try out unusual things, while she is content with more realistic art. She admits that she likes things the same; she is content to eat the same thing at lunch every day, and enjoys predictability. She is very grounded and practical in her decisions, and also continues to return to her first true love, even through subsequent relationships. She searches for a “long term” relationship, and breaks up with one person because he doesn’t believe there is “one right person” for everyone. Being hurt in past relationships makes her somewhat fearful of new ones. She is sensitive, affirming, and kind, often smoothing things over with her friends and family, while hiding her own emotions so as not to burden them. Lena bottles up her feelings until they explode out of her in a rush of self-realization (“because he broke my heart!”). She undertakes responsibility for things that are not even her fault, so that others will not have to deal with them (“the pants were with me, my sister lost them, I will go find them”). She will open up and share her feelings on certain things, once she trusts people. Her tendency is to over-analyze and justify all of her decisions; Lena thinks intensely through things, combing her mistakes and choices for logical inconsistencies. She rarely shares this thought process aloud, but instead expresses it through emotional judgments. She tries to have good reasons for everything she does. Lena admires other people who are “brave” in trying out new things, because she is more hesitant. But she does see potential in other people, and in relationships, and is able to read between the lines and sense when her friends need her. Lena also believes in the “magic” of the pants to bring them together, and is reluctant to see them go.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Lena admits she holds back more than her friends – she’s more afraid to try things (partly her 6, but mostly the fault of her introverted, introspective 5 wing). When she first meets Kostas, she writes in a letter that she doesn’t understand why other people are so open to love, and she holds herself back so much – afraid to let go and try. She will adapt to others and their adventures but does not like to do things on her own. She compromises to keep others happy and the peace, but also can be challenging and defiant – she works up the courage to tell her grandpa that she wants the chance to find love, and shouldn’t have to live by the family’s rules. Lena can be self-doubting. Her 6 likes to stay in harmony with her friends and is loyal to them, often taking on too much responsibility (going to Greece to find the pants her sisters lost). She tries hard to peace-make among her friends and her siblings, pointing out that her sister can’t date one of her friends’ ex-boyfriends. It would cause problems.