Bailey latches onto Tibby’s video plans and runs with the idea – she finds Tibby an “interesting person” for her documentary, and winds up introducing Tibby to her future boyfriend in the process. She can easily and quickly come up with conversational points, by asking interesting questions and throwing in random things she read “in a book” to back up her statements. This shows her ability to Ne cross-contextualize, or connect things that seem disconnected (to Tibby). One thing reminds her of something else she read, and she brings it up (low Si). She maintains an optimistic altitude throughout her illness and wants to believe in the magic of the blue jeans. Tibby insults her right off the bat. Bailey insults her back. The two establish a relationship of mutual frankness that disguises their deeper feelings for each other. Bailey tends to “state the facts” as she sees them (“I’m pretty sure I had more money in my wallet”). She has a deep ability to connect to people, to find them interesting even where Tibby may find them boring, and asks probing questions about their lives. She and Tibby argue about the best way to cut the scenes… and in the process, become friends. But she doesn’t tell Tibby about her illness. She doesn’t want to be treated differently.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Bailey thinks “helping” Tibby will make Tibby like her back ,and include her in things. So she shows up at Tibby’s work with the video equipment and an idea for an “interesting person to interview.” She is open and eager for love, acceptance, and attention, dropping hints that she wants to try on the pants and become part of the magic. Her 1 wing can be somewhat blunt and critical of others’ behaviors. She tests and challenges Tibby often, to establish who is the “boss” in their friendship.