Becky is the world’s foremost opportunist. She knows how to promote herself and seize opportunities when they arise – not wanting to be a governess, she recognizes a man’s desire for organization of his papers and personal effects, and offers to work as his secretary. From there, she becomes a rich woman’s companion. She sells off her husband’s horses during wartime, makes a profit on them, and gets out of town before the French arrive. She has more than enough ability to adapt to new situations… her main problem comes from never thinking about the consequences of her actions, like how she’s going to pay off her massive debt, how flirting with another man’s husband may ruin her friendship with that person, or how trying to manipulate a powerful lord is going to backfire in the long term. Becky’s all about right now, and what she wants for the future, not about the consequences of her actions. She’s an adept “player of the system” because she knows how it works and how to hack it to her own advantage – she’s not like other girls of the era, but instead is ambitious, blunt, and detached. She does not put much thought into her feelings or anyone else’s, except to use low Fe to manipulate them into feeling sorry for her, so she can get ahead in life. She’s an able persuader, always with a sad or a dramatic explanation for her actions. She manages to use her “charm” to get them out of paying rent long enough for their landlord to go bankrupt, all because he can’t stand seeing her upset.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Becky adapts to every single situation she finds herself in, flawlessly. She instinctively knows what other people want and becomes that – her ability to read people and know how to tailor herself to them and their needs is unparalleled. She is demure with Amelia. Strong-willed and fiery with her boss. Innocent with her suitor. Charming and elitist with an old lady who needs a companion. Always wearing different faces, to cover up her goals – her ambitions. Her need to succeed, to achieve, to climb higher, to go before the king, to have the best of everything. And she polishes all she touches, making up an impressive back history for herself, and hanging her hat on her mother’s “good breeding.” She only uses her 2 wing to manipulate people with.