Lucy has worked steadily in the same job for many years, even though she hates it – it’s security for her, and allows her to save up for her dream of touring Venice one day. Her repeated exposure to a handsome stranger who gives her a token each morning has caused her to create elaborate fantasies about one day marrying him – though she thinks this an unreachable goal until she saves him from being run over by a train. Her dreams are mostly based on her upbringing with an imaginative father who gave her ideas about traveling and seeing foreign countries, and she in some way often relates back to these childhood experiences. She’s very cautious about the unknown and anxious under stress, thinking in terms of the “worst thing that could happen” (Grandma dies). She wants to clear up the mistake about who she is, and how she’s not actually engaged to Peter right away, but … she gets swept up in the emotions of the family and does not want to disappoint or hurt them. Lucy makes all her decisions based on how others feel about her; she also expresses her feelings frankly whenever she’s upset (telling Jack off for ruining her Christmas and embarrassing her in front of her friends, telling Saul he’s “fired” because he’s “not handling it”). Lucy’s warm, agreeable, and expressive nature rapidly wins over the Callaghans and makes Jack fall in love with her.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Her boss shows us early on that Lucy often gets trapped into doing things she does not want to do, to maintain the peace (having to work holidays), which combined with her never pursuing anything she wants (a relationship, not to be alone, traveling abroad) shows that Lucy is “asleep” to her own potential and nature, willing to compromise, and stuck in a rut she doesn’t like but doesn’t know how to get out of. She tries to romanticize her life and make it all better with optimism, but that fades around Christmas, confronted with her own solitude. She quickly adapts to the family that invites her into its midst, and she’s eager to connect with them. Lucy doesn’t want to cause conflict, but also feels bad about lying and deceiving them, faking her way through their interactions. This troubles her 1 wing’s need to be honest. Her 1 can also be blunt with Jack and argumentative at times.