Jafar admits to Aladdin he started out a pickpocket and thief, but “then I thought bigger.” He went after power and prestige, and decided to steal a kingdom in his bid to become Sultan. He frames things in terms of abstract concepts – his search is for “power,” and to him, power is represented through a high position. He has cultivated his ideal, and works toward it – visualizing what he wants (to become sultan) and what steps will take him there (find the “diamond in the rough,” get the lamp, use the Genie to make his dreams come true). He has long sought to invade the neighboring country, incorporating that as part of his vision. His first appeal to Aladdin is to play to his emotions, specifically targeting them (“Jasmine likes to toy with commoners… you didn’t think she genuinely liked you, did you? … but I can help you attain what you desire, make you rich enough to attract her…”) and then attempting to create camaraderie with Aladdin, by telling him about his own past on the streets as a common pickpocket. Jafar likes people to suffer when he kills them. When given power, he debates how best to humiliate the sultan and emotionally torment Jasmine – that factors heavily into his decision. He is outraged and offended when others talk down to him or infer his inferior position. Jafar also has inconsistent, hypocritical attitudes – it’s not okay for others to tell him to stay silent, but Jasmine ought to “be seen and not heard.” His schemes make sense to him, so he pursues them, but are not always wholly rational – rather than kill the sultan or Jasmine, he decides to torment them (bad Fe) instead. He makes the worst mistakes when being impulsive and reacting in the moment, rather than having time to consider – Aladdin is able to trick him into wishing to become a Genie, which traps him in the lamp forever.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

It all comes down to appearances with Jafar. He does not like to be thought of or treated as beneath other people. He reacts badly to being slighted or put “in his place” because he “over-reached.” If you make him emotional, he will make foolish and short-sighted decisions just to prove you wrong, because he needs others to feel impressed by him. Jafar craves power and adulation, to be admired, and is convinced he deserves the sultan’s chair. He maintains a sense of calm unless others infer he’s beneath him. He is calmly assertive and aggressive, and enjoys controlling other people and seeking power, but he can also be emotionally reactive, self-absorbed, hysterical, self-pitying, and full of envious anger toward those who have made him feel small.