Function Order: Ne-Fi-Te-Si

Genie sees a lot of potential in Aladdin to be someone remarkable, but he uses dressing him up as a prince as a start to a life lesson he wants Aladdin to finish—that at some point, Aladdin is going to have to be authentic about who he is, in order to truly bond with the woman he loves. It’s an uphill argument for Genie, because Aladdin, as an ESTP, would rather use deceit and live a lie than risk losing Jasmine! But again and again, Genie nudges him to be honest about himself, to strive for authentic relationships, and to stop hiding behind the Genie’s admittedly fabulous razzle-dazzle fun. He love to work “within the gray areas” of what other people say, and uses that as an excuse to do whatever he wants in granting their wish – often in a bombastic, over the top way that fails to consider minor details. He creates an elaborate, magnificent entourage for “Prince Ali” (after several false starts) but forgets to create the actual kingdom to go along with it, specify where he’s from, or think about putting that on the maps ahead of their arrival. He places a lot of emphasis on his own personal experiences within the lamp, but is delighted to find out Aladdin is different from the typical power-hungry jerks who have sought his assistance in the past, and distraught to think Aladdin is following in their footsteps.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Genie just wants to have fun. Right now, please. As in, not in this cave where it’s boring. He’s been in the lamp for a thousand years – it’s time to get out and have a good time. Take in a party!! Woo a pretty girl! He goes over the top in his celebrations, in how he decks out Aladdin for success, and in his desire to impress others. He can be arrogant, self-confident, and invasive in how he tries to make Aladdin into the life of the party, so that he too can have a good time (“do not mess this up for me!”). Gene is witty and hilarious, often finding humorous things to do and say to lighten the mood, and bringing in a crazy manic energy that is infectious to other people. His 6 wing doesn’t want to break the rules, though, and is more whimsical than grounded.