Elphaba takes and runs with new ideas once she conceptualizes them as possible — her solo is all about her future with the Wizard, how they will do great things together, then he will see how her external appearance should reflect her internal state of goodness and change it so she no longer has green skin. She senses there is more than meets the eye to the movements against the talking animals in Oz. In her eagerness to please the Wizard, she fails to stop and consider her actions — she turns the monkeys into a flying army, then quickly realizes the Wizard’s true intentions for them. Under stress, she can be impulsive and reactive with low-order Se, worsening situations rather than resolving them. She rescues the lion cub without a plan as to what to do with it, or where to release it; she reacts quickly to save Boq, using magic she’s unprepared with and has not mastered, and in the result, creating both the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. She is a good student and someone who devotes herself to taking action against injustices. She scorns Glinda’s desire for social acceptance, and forges her own path – fearlessly confronting the Wizard about his evil intentions and storming out if necessary. Her Te can be reactive and strong-willed; she takes instant action when she sees an injustice. She runs away from her troubles, and does not mind being seen as the “witch” if it’s for a cause she believes in (Fi). She also blames herself, rather than her father or the flowers, for her sister’s premature birth and her mother’s death. Due to her upbringing (with a father who never cared for her, and excluded her in favor of her “normal” sister), Elphaba heavily identifies with other persecuted, ignored, and abused creatures – namely, the talking animals of Oz. This leads her to form a strong attachment to her professor, and take a personal interest in championing animals’ rights.

Enneagram: 4w5 sp/sx

Elphaba has suffered from persecution her entire life, so she adopts that as her identity – expecting others to reject and dislike her. She carries her hurts deeply and finds it difficult to move past them. She can’t let go of the ruby slippers, because of what they represent and how they factored into her loss. She has a strong desire to be authentic and independent, but her social stacking also makes her care what others think (Glinda says of her, “She cares… she just pretends not to”) and she often compares herself to them. She lacks confidence in herself at times. Her 5 wing make her scholarly, withdrawn, and focused on her studies – she can be elitist about her accomplishments.