Glinda is a master organizer, which makes her a good “Witch” when it comes to social events and accomplishing things. She’s aware of others’ feelings and how to appeal to them, to get what she wants (such as convincing Boq to ask out Nessa) – so much so, that when she doesn’t get what she wants, from a teacher or her fiancé, she’s confused (“is this what it’s like to be other people?”). Glinda assumes that the nicest thing she can do for Elphaba is to give her a makeover, so she will fit in more and not stand out as much. Her reliance on external opinion and appearances, however, make her turn against Elphaba when her friend asks her to go against the Wizard. Instead, Glinda uses the opportunity to take power for herself. Her inferior Ti shows in how little she considers things, until she realizes the truth about the Wizard and his evil schemes. She even complains that the love of her life has started “thinking” and she doesn’t like it! She’s used to having things a certain way, and to maintaining it that way. Glinda assumes because she’s always been the most important person in everyone’s life, that won’t change at her new school. Her focus mostly lies on the present and how to shape it. She loves clothes, experiences, and makeovers. Glinda’s lower intuition means she does not catch on to the truth about her friend right away, and her attraction to Glinda’s boyfriend. Nor does she realize the Wizard’s true nature. It takes her time to work out what’s happening in Oz, and to assign blame to the right people. But her lower Ne does help her see things in different ways once she has enough information (changing her mind completely not only about Elphaba but also the Wizard).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Glinda is all about appearances and being the best. She is insufferable early on, since she has such a high opinion of herself and so desperately wants/needs others to admire and esteem her. She arrives at school confident she’s the prettiest thing in shoe leather and is shocked not to get everything she wants. She “becomes” whatever the situation requires, to get closer to her goals. Her 2 wing shows in her desire to appear compassionate, generous, and giving – both in her clumsy re-naming of herself, and in her helpfulness toward Elphaba. She backs away from causing too much trouble and dissent. She needs and wants a group of people around her who agrees with her and offers her sympathy over her “horrible” roommate.