Landon is not the healthiest Fi-dom, given his abusive upbringing and his emotional issues, which revolve around feelings of rejection and abandonment. He tends to operate on the assumption that if something matters to him, others should feel the same way (encouraging M.J. to reunite with his parents, without considering the social ramifications or placing it into context, because he, Landon, would love to find his parents); he also chooses the worst time to talk to Hope about the lies she has told him, and then walks away from her – leaving her alone at the top of the staircase in the middle of Miss Mystic Falls, without an escort, while he goes outside to brood. He tends to lash out with inferior Te (telling people off, telling M.J.’s mother her beliefs are stupid to her face, etc) and then withdraw. But Landon does have good Fi traits also. He wants to be a good person. He confides exclusively in Hope and tries to win her approval. He’s willing to forgive. And he has an ironclad set of morals that he stands by, without hesitation (he hates liars). He adapts quickly to his new life in the school, and tends to react instantly. Landon wants to take immediate action, whenever he thinks of something – he goes in search of his mother, inserts himself into her life by frequenting the café where she works, and then befriends her. He takes M.J. on a road trip to reconcile with his parents, because he would value doing the same. Landon tends to run away whenever he’s angry or upset. He’s good at improvising in the moment, but also has that lower Ni “tingle” of sensing that “something is up.” This leads him to ask WHY things are happening, to want to figure out what’s going on; in that way, he’s more aware than Hope of things going on that neither of them can see on the surface. But he tends to trust what he sees most of the time, which means his mother’s betrayal catches him off guard; Hope keeping secrets from him shocks him. He can be too confident sometimes in his ability to adapt – such as when he risks his life chaining his werewolf foster brother to a tree.

Enneagram: 6w5 sx/sp

Landon is resilient, thoughtful, and easygoing, despite his upbringing and a history of abuse. He is loyal toward his friends and willing to work on their behalf. Landon sometimes blames himself for their problems and attempts to take on more than he can handle; he doesn’t want anyone to sacrifice themselves for him. Years of abuse and abandonment by foster parents, as well as his mom abandoning him as an infant, has caused Landon to assume people are going to reject him – so aside from Hope, he does a lot of the rejecting beforehand. He’s fearful of losing what he has, and downright jealous of anyone in Hope’s life that might steal her attention away from him. Landon tends to be broody, moody, withdrawn, and hyper-emotional, but his 5 wing is deeply introverted and withdrawn from others; he doesn’t share his poetry or music easily, but the lyrics are often deep and emotionally resonant. He moves between going after people, and pulling away out of fear of rejection, as he bounces between his 6ish desire to commit and connect, and his 5ish need to withdraw.