Penelope is excellent at adapting to new situations and manipulating them to her advantage. When Lizzie runs to represent the witches, Penelope pretends to campaign for herself but in actuality, is pushing the other witches to elect Josie instead. She pays off MJ to be “out of the picture” so she can be Josie’s date to Miss Mystic Falls. And she’s doing all of it, because she has a futuristic low Ni concern about what will happen to Josie in the future, when the Merging comes about. (If Josie doesn’t start standing up for herself, Lizzie will take her over and “win.” Josie will cease to exist.) Her smooth style of adaptation helps her get what she wants, but puts off Josie, who prefers to play by the rules. She quickly analyzes situations and figures out how to turn them to her advantage; what “works,” may be a little underhanded, but it still accomplishes what she wants, which is to prove to Josie that she ought to stand up for herself more, that she needs to exert herself more, and that she is worthy of taking on her own destiny. Her methods are detached and impersonal, but all driven toward making Josie’s life better (as Penelope sees it) – in that way, she’s all about taking care of another person, whom she feels isn’t doing a good enough job of self-care. And, if it happens to upset Lizzie, that’s a bonus in her mind. She often enjoys something more if she can get what she wants out of it, while perturbing or inconveniencing someone else (low Fe).

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/sp

Penelope is very aware of power dynamics, which is why it bugs her so much Josie surrenders her sense of self so often to her sister’s needs and wants. She continually pushes Josie to assert herself, step out of Lizzie’s shadow, and show more courage and determination to win. She engages in almost constant power struggles with Lizzie, and calmly knows how to come out on top. She can be assertive, aggressive, and sensually present. She believes she’s doing the best thing for her ex, even if Josie doesn’t fully appreciate it. Penelope is passionate, aggressive, and strongly protective over her bond with Josie, but also looks out for herself. She doesn’t shy away from a fight. Her 7 wing makes her optimistic and interested in new experiences.