Aziraphale is a “by the book” sort of angel. He tucks himself up in a nice little bookshop in London and really does not care for the idea that the world is about to come to an end… but, well, that’s how the world has always been meant to go, right? He loves to collect things, and has become an expert on old books and prophecies. Once he gets his hands on Agnes Nutter’s book, he spends all day reading it (and letting his cocoa get cold) until he knows everything inside the book. After saving the world, he goes back to the exact same life he had before, and instantly notices minor differences in this “new” reality. He lets Crawley do most of the theorizing, and only extrapolates off the demon’s suggestions – showing a tendency toward Ne that is mostly dependent on an outside source creating alternate possibilities (yes, maybe they COULD stop the apocalypse and maybe that’s in God’s will!). God sends him to guard the Garden and what does he do? Gives his flaming sword away to Eve because he feels sorry for her, and there are “wild animals out there!” Aziraphale is quite concerned with morality, but also… um, swayed somewhat easily in some ways by Crawley, who presents him with various Ti arguments as to why they ought to stop the apocalypse, how they should deal with the antichrist, and so on. Aziraphale occasionally moralizes at his demon friend, and also enjoys saying that the demon may have “some good in him” after all. Aziraphale can reason himself into doing things that are not technically within the rules, but aren’t exactly prohibited either. He also questions things much more once Crawley introduces him to the logical inconsistencies within the angelic system.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Aziraphale’s entire desire is to avoid much of a fuss. He likes things just so and to live a quiet little life in a bookshop, tending his own interests and not allowing anyone to buy any of his books, due to his attachment to them. He can be numb to the outside world and focused on his own little needs (such as going to France for crepes at an inopportune time), but he is also amiable and easily talked into doing things. Crowley can easily make him see a way to ignore the rules, bend them, or have fun regardless, and he goes along compliantly. Aziraphale has a sensitive heart, though. He gave away his flaming sword because the woman looked cold and might need it. His 1 wing does focus on right and wrong, good or bad. He conducts himself appropriately and does not want to get into trouble. He’s always looking for the “good” in his demon friend, and very excited to see positive growth (or so he thinks) in Crowley.