Crowley is a big picture thinker. While demons are all scrambling to make individual humans angry, he designs the highway surrounding London that will make “thousands of people angry every morning on their way to work.” He doesn’t want the apocalypse because the big picture (the end of everything) leads to no more “fun.” He plans ahead, getting his hands on holy water, in case he ever needs to defend himself against his fellow demons. And, he speculates on what the future may bring and why God is doing things (“maybe we are part of the divine plan? Maybe one day, the battle won’t be between our sides, but between us and them – the humans vs. the celestial beings!”). He recklessly throws himself into situations and assumes he will be all right. God says Crowley has something other demons lack – “an imagination.” He merely believes what he wants to believe, and makes it “real.” His inferior Si shows in how he holds onto one or two things from his past, including his very fashionable vehicle. If there’s a loophole in the rules, Crowley will find it. He often argues his “angel friend” into trying out something or going along with his scheme, because Crowley can point out the logical work-around or “fix” that enables them to do something that isn’t technically inside the rules. He spends a lot of time analytically reasoning things out, and looking for inconsistencies (if God loves humans, why he is wiping them out again? If God loves Creation, why will he make the seas boil?). His Fe wants his friends to agree with him, and get on board with his schemes, as well as can act intimidating, charming, or pretend to be more on board with something than he actually is. He expects praise and applause for a “job well done” … err, for evil-ness.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Crowley is pretty much entirely devoted to having a good time, and ignoring the stuff he doesn’t want to deal with. His entire selling point is that post-apocalypse life will be boring for both himself and the angel, so they should make sure it doesn’t happen, so they can go on and continue having fun … well, if not forever, then a long, long time. He tends to re-frame things to be more positive, and ignore the stuff he doesn’t want to deal with, but his 6 wing is a little anxious about the idea of facing eternity alone, so he’s always recruiting his “buddy” into doing things with him. He’s also a little paranoid about dying, so he plans out things in advance.