Davy Jones abandoned ferrying souls to the other side, because he was thwarted in love – and he cannot get over it. He has allowed his own deep emotions to drown him in despair and turn him resentful and bitter. In that state, he doesn’t care about the souls wandering and lost or his responsibility in helping them find peace – it’s just all about him, his feelings, his resentment, and his anger issues. He reacts sharply to the idea of Will never being reunited with the woman he loves. Davy also is easily emotionally provoked, and can even be quite cruel in his low Te means of controlling others. When Jack asks him how many souls would balance his own as a fair trade to get out of serving beneath him, Davy says a 100 – because “one soul does not equal another.” This is a Fi and Te way of measuring the individual worth of someone, and not assuming equality (Fe). He can be harsh and unforgiving, giving people a choice (“Do you fear death”) and recruiting them onto his ship or allowing them to die and/or killing them. Davy, much like Will Turner, can be impulsive – even though he is the Captain of the Flying Dutchman, he agrees to risk something virtually important to his survival (a key) against Will’s wager. When he meets up with his old flame, he confronts her about her abandonment of him, confused as to what drove her away from him, but never once speculated on his own. He abandoned his responsibilities of ferrying souls to the other side, no doubt out of anger and boredom, and instead focuses on opportunistically destroying ships and/or approaching wreckage to recruit more men for his crew. He is highly observant, noticing Jack from a great distance, and instantly appearing before him. He’s mostly reactive, with a short sense of insight – he doesn’t know why Will cares about the key, doesn’t initially suspect Jack’s intentions against him, and sends his men ashore to retrieve the chest only when he feels threatened. He also happily engages in swordplay and in intense, dangerous situations (fighting Jack in the middle of a storm, perched precariously in the rigging) – intensity thrills him.

Enneagram: 4w5 sx/so

Deeply emotional and unable to break free of it, Davy is broody, emotionally intense, and self-absorbed. He was supposed to help souls cross over to the other side, but became so wrapped up in his own feelings of abandonment, betrayal, and sorrow that he leaves them to fend for themselves, preferring to hold onto old resentments for many decades. Years later, he’s still playing his music and crying over his locket, unable to figure out why she abandoned him, and furious with himself and her for allowing it to impact him. His 5 wing makes his 4 morbid, obsessed with death, and even cruel – he will not save anyone, but instead offers them an eternity of misery. He is further withdrawn and reclusive.