One of Elizabeth’s strongest traits is her ability to “think like Jack” – she sees the fastest possibility for action in her environment and takes it, from demanding parlay and to be taken to Barbossa, to trying to outrun the pirates and losing them amid the shoals, to sacrificing Jack to the Kraken so the rest of them can survive. She rushes headlong into things without thinking about the later consequences (negotiating for Port Royal, without thinking how she will get off the ship and back to shore). She has no problem leaving her old life behind, and quickly adapting to new situations, environments, and groups of people. She thinks fast on her feet and is fearless in face of most problems. As a child, Elizabeth is captivated by the romanticism of the pirates. She accurately interprets Jack’s intentions on several occasions and has reason to both doubt his character and intuitively know that he is a better man than he gives himself credit for, but she is not great at thinking about what to do next or the consequences of her decisions. She tries to please her father, and is both kind and guilt-ridden over any decisions she makes purely based on tactical advantages (such as leaving Jack behind), but ultimately is driven to be true to her own values and heart; she defies her father’s wishes in her desire to marry Will Turner, and chooses to stand with him when he upholds something she believes in. Elizabeth has strong criticism of Jack’s ever-shifting moral beliefs, while valuing her own and refusing to compromise. She is emotional but doesn’t always express it in words, choosing instead to declare her love for Will through her actions.Whenever presented with a problem in need of immediate correction, Elizabeth takes the quickest, most logical route possible – by bartering for Port Royal and using the medallion as leverage, taking them amid the shoals to escape capture, setting half the island alight so Norrington can find her, bargaining with Cutler Beckett for Will’s freedom, knocking Norrington unconscious with a bottle, and even leaving Jack behind. She is annoyed at the pirates’ disorganization and seeks to organize them into a collective military force; Elizabeth proves to be a decent strategist in war. She takes decisive action once she makes up her mind.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sx

Elizabeth is very quick to take charge when no one else will – she negotiates for Port Royal and has the nerve to face down Captain Barbossa, she challenges the Pirate Council and calls them all disorganized and inefficient, she tells them they need to go to war, she challenges Jack Sparrow about his selfish behaviors and imposes her will on him, by sacrificing him to save everyone else, she confronts Beckett in his own chambers with a gun and steals the royal pardon papers, forcing him to add his name to them. Jack finds her bossy and imposing, but cannot argue with her fierce logic and self-confidence (“She’ll be impossible to live with now”). Her 7 wing is adventurous and driven to find excitement.