Barbossa is a far more dominating and intimidating captain than Jack – he issues orders and expects others to follow them. When negotiating, he doesn’t think Jack’s half-assed ideas hold much weight (“You expect me to let you sail away in my ship, when I have naught but a name, and trust that it’s the one I need [to break the curse?].” He plans, where Jack wings it. He accuses Jack of being a poor captain, and adopts an attitude of “waste not, want not.” But he’s also adaptable, becoming a buccaneer when he sees its finically profitable, and the only way to survive in the “new world order.” Barbossa shows very little Fi, other than valuing certain things (power, prestige) for himself. He prefers to deal in fair trades – he agrees to Jack’s plan, only after Jack sells him on the idea of a higher rank (“Commodore Barbossa, with your own fleet!”). He patiently gathers the facts whenever dealing with Jack, which includes details and hammering them out. He also notices when others do not include details, such as how Elizabeth carelessly words her “ceasing of hostilities against Port Royal” – she said nothing about them taking her ashore, now did she? Barbossa goes through his life wanting and indulging in mostly the same things, including his love of green apples. Much like Norrington, he senses through his low intuition when Jack is up to something, but rarely grasps the specifics. He shows general intolerance for absurdities and goofiness, but has a raw, crass, sometimes even mean sense of humor.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Barbossa is a tough-talking, no-nonsense captain, who also happens to be smart about his aggression and how he takes control. He knows who has power, and how to get his own; he sneers at Jack’s 7ish haphazard way of being a captain, and rules through “fear.” (Do it, or else.) He and Elizabeth share a similar way of thinking – you take control, when everyone else is incompetent. His 7 wing hates being cut off from the many pleasures he had, before the curse and seeks a way to regain his ability to satisfy his desires. He is somewhat arrogant, cares about appearances, and disconnected from his feelings.