Jack is the ultimate opportunist. He steals a boat to get to Port Royale, then when Will breaks him out of jail, decides to trick Norrington into thinking they want the Dauntless only to take the Interceptor. Once he realizes Will’s last name, he connects it to a “lost” crewmate, knowing they need Will’s blood to break the curse, and decides then and there to use it as a negotiating tactic. He adapts almost instantly to new situations and becomes enthusiastic about them, taking opportunities to hit on Elizabeth, to escape from imprisonment, to betray others for his own advantage, and in conning people into going along with him. Jack recklessly throws himself into action, showing very little concern for the threats involved in wildly swinging from ship to ship – he just trusts himself and knows it will all come out okay. He shows flashes of insight and a single-minded obsession with getting back the Pearl, but otherwise has no problems adapting to throwing one approach by the wayside to use another one. He can find and exploit any loophole; Jack often distracts other people by pointing out the irrational or illogical inconsistencies in their statements, then sneaks off while they are debating his “absurd train of thought.” He is a tactical, logical thinker, reasoning out and justifying all his decisions as being rational, but also self-serving. His tert-Fe shows in his massive ego, his adaptability (he flirts, flatters, tries to charm his way out of intense situations, and messes with people), and his shying away from direct approaches in favor of persuasion. He can’t stand someone not addressing him in the way he likes (“it’s CAPTAIN!”). Yet, Jack is still shamed by others and influenced into doing the right thing – he gives Will the chance to live rather than die, when he could have taken the Flying Dutchman for himself.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/sx

Jack is a stereotypical 7 – never “down” for very long, but instead captivated  by some new approach, concept, or idea. He doesn’t like to face the darker aspects of his personality and literally runs away from his responsibilities. He assumes he can bargain to get the Black Pearl raised by Davey Jones, then somehow escape paying the price – and then he romanticizes the idea of trading his heart for immortality. He has a frantically-paced mind; others struggle to keep up with it, and the idea of commitment, or being tied to anything, scares him. He sees his ship as “freedom.” Elizabeth’s frank approach often makes him cringe, and he does his best to diffuse tension by avoiding it (7 coping mechanism) or “making it okay” – he even forgives Elizabeth for betraying him and nominates her as the Pirate King. His 6 shows under pressure, when he starts over-thinking and reacting to things through wit and banter rather than direct action. He has a moderate desire to be liked by his crew and feels annoyed by their abandonment of him, since they live by the pirate code. Jack often tries to form alliances for his own protection.