Norrington has managed to work himself up into a powerful position, where he competently deals with lower officers and issues commands. He’s also a rational thinker. When Will wants to go off half-cocked and rescue Elizabeth, Norrington prefers to make a detailed plan of action. He does not trust Jack Sparrow, nor follow his instructions. In the second film, after losing his commission, after Norrington learns Beckett has offered a pardon to anyone who brings him the heart of Davy Jones, he sees a way to get back his “old life” by stealing it from the pirates and taking it to him. He is blunt in his criticisms of others, and judges them according to their perceived competence levels (“You have got to be the worst pirate I have ever seen”). Norrington founders the most when asked to deal with his feelings – he is shy in approaching Elizabeth, in admitting his feelings, and in making emotional decisions, but agrees to save Will for her, if she’ll marry him. He also struggles to separate his true feelings (that executing Jack Sparrow is wrong) from adhering to the law. Under stress, he becomes childish in his feelings, moaning about his losses, using sarcasm to express his contempt, and allowing his life to fall apart. He uses former interactions and ideas to give him a framework through which to judge the present – for example, assuming due to his experience with pirates that all pirates are untrustworthy (true). Judging Jack according to his former interactions with pirates (he has no ship, he has only one shot in his gun, he’s not a very “good” pirate if that’s all he has, is he?). Having established his position and found an income, James admits that now he wants to turn his attention elsewhere – to matters of the heart (Fi) by getting married, thus fulfilling the social expectations of the time. His lower Ne is quite good at picking up on untrustworthy individuals; he doesn’t quite know what Jack is up to sometimes, but is suspicious enough to trust him. He puts Elizabeth on the right scent, as regards her own feelings for Jack (how he would have given anything, at one time, to have her look at him like that).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

He is hard-working and prefers to put his emotions on the back burner, and deal with problems calmly, rationally, and with precision. Even though he tells Will “you are not the only one who cares for Elizabeth,” he takes a much more strategic approach to rescuing her. Image is everything to him – he loses his ship and his men in a hurricane, because he tried to sail through it, desperate not to lose the pirates. Once that ruined his reputation, he fell into 9 disintegration – he ceased his hard work and became a slovenly drunk. Given the chance to regain his power, prestige, and reputation, he takes it – and has no moral qualms in doing so. It’s only when he’s established and has returned to his power that he shows a desire to do what is “right” (and helps Elizabeth and her friends escape, losing his life in the process).