Carina has two careers in highly technical and abstract fields (studying time and studying the stars). She values practical knowledge and places a lot of emphasis on her education. She bluntly tries to give a speech from the scaffold about how stupid everyone in the audience is, then gets into an argument with Jack because she’s unable to finish. Carina scoffs at the notion of ghosts as being fairy tales, and does not believe them until she sees them with her own eyes. Then, rather than wasting time figuring out how that happened, she uses the new information to continue on with her plans. Carina’s ideas are practical, such as when she jumps from the dingy because “that ship is after Jack, not me.” She pursues the friendships and alliances that will help her meet her goals, and does not talk about her growing feelings for Henry. But when push comes to shove, she’s willing to give up her own ambitions to save the man she loves. It’s also very important for her to find out “who I am” – a Fi quest of needing to know her roots in order to grasp a full picture of herself. But she suppresses and ignores a lot of her feelings. She spends her entire life convinced solving the puzzle of a diary left to her by her absentee father is going to tell her who she is, and solve the mystery of her parents. She remains firmly entrenched in this personal vision even after others scoff at it. Once she removes the gem from the cover, and it reveals the constellation, she instantly knows they must find a secret island. She also remains firm in her knowledge that only she can solve this mystery. Her lower Se shows in her recklessness in intense situations – she barely manages to avoid getting killed on several occasions, and often relies on others to come up with a plan at the last minute. She’s willing to kick a man off a platform, but when it comes to fighting, she often retreats and/or runs away.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Carina is aggressive about pursuing what she wants. She picks the lock out of prison and knocks out a priest in the process. She sneaks into the hospital to recruit Will. When standing on the scaffold, she tells off the crowd for being narrow-minded bigots stuck in superstition and ignorance. She aggressively contradicts and corrects people, and warns them to keep their hands off her, even arguing with Henry while he’s trying to save her life (“That’s my stern!”). She tries intimidating the pirates and has no problems abandoning ship when it suits her. Her 7 wing is eager to engage with the outside world, and finds some fun in her adventures.