Much like his father, Henry bases all his decisions off how he feels about things and what he wants to believe. He has an ideal outcome in mind when he sets out to make it real (his father comes home!). His desire to see his father restored to land and his curse broken drives him to the sea, where he forms what alliances he can for assistance along the way. He’s a sensitive and compassionate lad, but very much driven to find his father and restore that missing piece of his life, to himself and to his mother. His quest is purely emotional. Though he quickly falls in love with Carina, he doesn’t admit to it easily. Henry tries to make plans, but she often scoffs at them. He acts on what he feels, and believes in practical solutions to his problems – he simply wants to break the curse and bring his father home. He’s not forthcoming with his feelings, but is touched when Carina shares a little bit about her past with him. He uses a similarity between them to infer to her that they are not so different after all. He can be reckless and opportunistic, risking his life to visit his father’s ship and reform an acquaintance with him—almost being cursed in the process. When he sees Catrina as having something to offer him and being useful, he tries to recruit her to go along with him and help him solve his problems. He often does not wait to gather more information before he leaps into action—but this also takes him in the right direction, toward finding the trident, breaking the curse, and freeing his father from an eternal fate. Henry can be right about some things, in a low Ni way — He quickly leaps upon the idea of a magical trident that controls the seas and can break all curses. Unlike Carina, he believes in magical beings right off the bat, because his mother told him the stories of her adventures.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Henry is idealistic in that he chooses to believe in the fantastical, more than the practical – he accepts that magical creatures such as sirens and curses exist, and believes optimistically that somehow he can find a way to cheat fate and bring his father home in one piece. Henry shies away from conflict and finds Catrina’s abrasiveness somewhat hard to deal with, but also manages somehow to fall in love with her regardless. He is pleasant, good-natured, and forgiving. He has the 9’s stubbornness in doing what he wants, regardless of how others feel about it, and the gumption of conviction, determination, and a willingness to take risk that comes from his 8 wing.