Lady Sarah runs England as the “power behind the throne.” She uses her influence over the queen to dictate policy to her. She chooses what wars to engage in, and for what reasons, she promotes her political party’s agenda, and she can be straightforward in her reasons why, whenever Queen Anne puts up a fuss. Like a great many unhealthy Te-dom characters, Sarah’s fundamental mistake is in justifying her harsh treatment of the queen, and underestimating how easily Abigail can sway her opinion through empathy and kindness. She does genuinely care about the queen, but this comes out in blunt, forceful ways – “Abigail may flatter you, but I will always tell you the truth, that sometimes you look like a badger!” She can be frank, tactless, and unemotional, but also sees opportunity when it arises. Sarah finds it difficult, at the end, to express her own emotions – she winds up crumpling up and throwing away all her letters to the queen. She has a specific vision for England she wants to implement, and has used Anne to bring it about. Sarah can be forward-focused, and disinterested in anything outside her narrow field of vision (she does not take Abigail seriously enough as a threat, preoccupied with the war and the desired outcome she wants). Whenever Anne puts up a fuss and becomes unreasonable, Sarah placates her with sexual favors and flattery. She is good at recognizing opportunities to act and taking them, such as recognizing Abigail’s usefulness, then her as a threat, and then finally attempting to get rid of her (unsuccessfully).

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Sarah has total confidence in who the boss actually is – her. She uses force and pressure to get Anne to conform to her desired politics, pushing her, using manipulation, and sexual favors to make her compliant. She does not like it when Abigail challenges her, and wastes no time in asserting dominance. She admits that she does not like “weak” people but also feels sorry for those who cannot help themselves. Her aggressive bluntness does her no favors with the queen, and she becomes hurt when Anne tells her off for being “mean” – in her mind, she is helping Anne to become stronger, and not make mistakes, not using flattery to keep her weak. Her 7 wing makes her a bit hedonistic and playful at times.