Anne is extremely sensitive and often easily hurt by Sarah’s blunt comments (telling her she looks like a badger and doesn’t want to embarrass herself with a foreign ambassador), which is why she latches onto Abigail’s kindness. She eagerly introduces her to her bunnies, and tells her about how they represent her seventeen lost children. She continues to keep them, despite Sarah telling her that they are “morbid,” and wants her guests to “greet them” whenever they enter the room. Since she loathes conflict so much, she is rather easily influenced and badgered by Sarah into compliance with her wishes – but as the film goes on, she becomes more stubborn about having her own way, and asserting her rights as the queen. Her low Te shows in how compliant she is with allowing Sarah to “take care” of all the court policies, how oblivious she is to how others are draining the royal treasury (since she never looks at the books herself), and how she can be assertive and rude whenever she’s upset. She focuses on the here and now, in fulfilling her sensual desires — in beautiful outfits and sexual experiences and her bunnies. Anne can also be rather punishing of her “favorites” when they displease her, by debasing them in physical ways (like making them kneel on the floor and rub her gouty leg until it feels better). She is somewhat led by her impulses, and does not look beneath the surface often, which enables both her “friends” to manipulate her to their own advantage. She has certain ideas about how she would like things to be, but rarely asserts them, instead trusting a higher Ni to take care of state business.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Anne has gone to sleep to her life, becoming a woman in pursuit of pleasures, distractions, and positivity, rather than face the unpleasant and messy task of ruling her kingdom. She merges into whatever view her lover holds and shifts to match their perspectives; she has not the courage to stand up to them or defy them that often, and it takes her a long time to start asserting herself in a lasting manner. She distracts herself from the pain of her problems with sensory pleasures and pursuits — tending her rabbits, drinking and eating too much, and beautiful clothes, but finds it hard to tolerate disagreement. She does not like to displease anyone, but also feels very sensitive and is easily hurt by criticism. Her 1 wing wants to do the right thing, to step up, but also keeps her anger somewhat repressed.